An Update on the UMC & Statesboro First

Our Church Council is moving deliberately to learn more about the diverse viewpoints in the United Methodist Church, our options if we chose to vote to exit, the costs related to each of those options, and the best methods to inform the church congregation as a whole.  
In the end, any decision will be made by the full members of the church present at a called vote. The process will not be rushed without hearing from the congregation. In addition to videos that reach a broad audience and the webpage that has been created and will be kept up to date, we plan to host in-person meetings for people to be heard.

- Russ Lanier, Church Council Chairperson (2022)

The Church Council held two events for the congregation to listen and learn in January.

Info session with Rev. David Donnan of the Global Methodist Church
& Scott Hagan
Info session with Bishop David Graves & District Superintendent Stephen Grantham of the United Methodist Church
This presentation was given by Mr. Bill Hatcher on January 15, 2023 at the invitation of three members from the church.

It contains some statements that need more clarification, some that need more context, and some that are inaccurate.
One of our pastors, Scott Hagan, has written notes as a separate PDF file for you to read for more clarity.



Click the button below to download a PDF version of "A STUDY OF THE EXISTING DIVISION IN THE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH," as presented by the research and education committee of Statesboro First United Methodist Church. For a printed version, please contact Church Council Chair Russ Lainer.
What We Believe
The Articles of Religion of the UMC (click for link)
The Confession of Faith of the UMC (click for link)
The Apostle’s Creed (click for link)
A Simple Glossary of UMC Terms (click for file)
Created by Scott and Stephanie, this was shared in small groups and classes 
South Georgia Conference Disaffiliation Policy (click for link)
At the 2022 Annual Conference Session, members approved a report from the Conference Trustees in which a process was affirmed that extends the terms of South Georgia’s current disaffiliation policy through December 31, 2024.
South Georgia Conference Delegation to General Conference (click for link)
Mr. Bill Hatcher serves as a Lay Delegate
Rev. Dr. Scott Hagan serves as a Clergy Delegate
Possible Future Options, not an exhaustive list